About us

Our kennel - Nik Majestic - owns some very fine Tosa Inus, so we can offer our clientele high quality dogs, which fullfill the physical and temperamental requirements of a pure breed Tosa Inu.

This is the reason why our kennel Nik Majestic imported from several countries pure breed Tosa Inu dogs from different bloodlines, some of which are directly of japanese descent.

As such, we wish to breed and promote representative Tosa Inu dogs.

Nik Majestik was the first kennel in Romania to import the very first black and brindle Tosa Inus; dogs of this colour are rare, yet special, but are still within the standards of this breed.

This way, our kennel wishes to reproduce both high quality Tosa Inu dogs, and also to create a diversity within the breed.

This initiative and challenge at the same time, started to show results both on competitional level, as well as in matters of breeding.

Focusing on quality, we wish that the dogs that we raise and at the same time the puppies that are born in our kennel to fulfill on one hand the high national and international standards, and on the other hand to perpetuate the temperament, beauty and tradition of the Tosa Inu breed.